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Brazos River


Worth Ranch was established in 1929 and has log cabins around the main camp. Comanche

Indians once lived on their parade ground, and Quannah Parker, the last great war chief of

the Comanche, was born only a few miles up the Brazos River. The chuck wagon was also

 developed near here in 1866.


The camp counselors will shuttle you to the put in point just below Possum Kingdom Lake

dam and then you paddle 13.5 miles to the take out point right at Worth Ranch. Water flow is

best in spring and fall. The upper Brazos is the most scenic, rustic part of the trip anyway with

its craggy cliffs and boulders. The Brazos was named by the Spanish "Brazos de Dios"

meaning Arms of God.  There are a few exciting rapids, especially the one below the mouth

of Ioni Creek. The giant gars also make the trip exciting.


Worth Ranch Rd, Palo Pinto, TX 76484





You need to make your reservations early using the Longhorn Council online weekend camping reservations site and I have attached a copy of the equipment rental application for prices:



Link to complete description of the campsites  – the Bottoms are closest to and are usually reserved for those that are canoeing. All the campsites are good Bowie is close to the Island camping area right on the river and Bonham is off by itself:



This link has a complete description of the Kyle Mountain trail system: http://www.longhorncouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/1a5ef6e9-5288-4dae-91dc-2814764cf1cb.pdf


In the summer you can do the entire trip- below is the link and a description:


The Brazos River Canoe Trip (BRCT) is a 50-mile canoe camping trip that is a Worth Ranch high adventure tradition! Spend a week on the river, earn BSA’s 50 Miler award, and test your canoeing, camping, and fishing skills. We do 4 miles of hiking and 47 miles paddling the scenic Brazos River from Possum Kingdom Dam to Oak’s Crossing.



An alternative for doing this river if Worth Ranch is not available is to use

Rochelle’s Canoe rental

7034 North Farm road #4

Graford, TX 76449



Details and prices are at link or see attached. They offer 1, 2 and 4 day trips. Note they do NOT accept credit cards



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