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Lower Mountain Fork River

Reregulation Dam to Ashalintubbi ~ 16- 18

miles over 2 days


This river is more technical than "big", with several respectable

Class I-II rapids within the first two miles of the put-in. The downside to

this trip is that most the rapids are in that first two miles (everyone on

our trip dumped at least once on this section). The upside is that you can

get your boat back to the top and run it again - several times in a day, if

so desired. Or, you can run on down through the flatwater to the

take-out point at Ashalintubbi below the confluence of the Little River.


Mountain Fork Park campground, located immediately below

Reregulation Dam on river right, is a great campsite for Friday night

before you get on the river, with reasonable fees that range from

$8-15 per site per night, depending upon features and amenities.

There is a group camp site that is not directly on the water.


Mountain Fork Park Rd (now Canoe Rd)

Broken Bow, OK 74728

Phone: 580-933-4239



For your more challenging trips and if you are just getting started I recommend that you arrange a trip with Marc McCord. He is an amazing font of information, will absolutely make sure your group is safe and will arrange a memorable trip for you to almost any where.


Marc McCord

616 S. Colorado Street

Celina, TX 75009-6495




Here is a complete description of the Lower Mountain Fork River by Marc



You can use the WW Trading Post & Canoe Sales & Rentals (580-584-6856) as the outfitter for the trip. It also has a primitive camping area located at the 10-mile landing which is available for large groups on overnight trips, but prior arrangements are required. This is what we did and had a great night and then finished the last 8 miles of the trip to the Ashalintubbi take out. Importantly the outfitters brought our gear down for us and shuttled it back after we loaded it up in the morning. That way we did not have to load our canoes with all our overnight gear. This is their website http://www.wwcanoeandkayak.com/


Marc has links on his website that will answer any question you can think of including this one to Southwest Paddlers which he also runs: http://southwestpaddler.com/docs/rivers.html


The Southwest Paddlers website has a complete description of most of the rivers in and around Texas and in all the neighboring states including Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico. I have attached a river gear list from that site that will help you prepare.


Click here to download a Gear Checklist.

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